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Artwork Guidelines

Just a quick guide on how to supply artwork files

If you have any questions about creating, sending or saving your artwork please have a quick read of this help page. Supplying artwork in the correct format will help us process you order as quickly as possible.

Setting Up Your Artwork

When creating print ready artwork to be uploaded to Print Majic we recommend using the following specifications for the best results:

  1. At least 300 DPI
  2. Correct size & aspect ratio
  3. Embed or outline all fonts
  4. Use vector graphics & high resolutions images where possible

File Formats

Here at Print Majic we mainly use Apple hardware, because that's how we roll, but don't worry we can still accept files that have been created using a Windows or even Linux based PC, below you will find a list of accepted software applications and file formats.

  1. Adobe PDF files (.pdf)
  2. Adobe Illustrator Files (.ai)
  3. Adobe Photoshop Files (.psd)
  4. Encapsulated Postscript Files (.eps)
  5. High Resolution JPEG Image Files (.jpg, .jpeg)
  6. TIFF Images (.tiff)

You can also upload a .zip file to Print Majic if you also need to supply fonts and additional graphics with your artwork file, see below for more information

A Note About Adobe InDesign

We can also accept InDesign files (.indd) however we will also require any linked graphics and fonts to be supplied along with the .indd file. This can easily be achieved by going to File > Package whilst in InDesign, this will export all linked graphics and fonts into a folder of your choosing, you can then zip these files and upload them to Print Majic.